How I Work



I am a practitioner of Transactional analysis TA

“TA is a theory of personality and systematic psychotherapy for personal growth and personal change“ (UKATA)

The guiding philosophy of TA is shown below

People are OK – I accept myself as me and I accept you as you but there are certain things that can be changed.

Everybody has the capacity to think – Therefore we are all responsible for what we want to get out of our lives. People can change and make new decisions to increase their fulfilment of life.

Contractual method – Both the client and myself take joint responsibility for achieving change. There is no magic wand there is simply the ability to change.

Open communication – There is a two way dialogue between the client and myself which facilitates change. Both the client and I are free to express ourselves.

I also incorporate many elements from Cognitive behavioural therapy and from mindfulness.

If you would like more information about Transactional Analysis please visit the United Kingdom Association of Transactional Analysis UKATA website