An injunction is a decision that a child makes about how to be safe in the world.
The decision is reached through interpreting non-verbal or sometime verbal messages presented to them from their parents/guardians.
These messages from our parents/guardians, reflect their own concerns when they were children.
We then adapt to these messages in order to be ok in the family unit. We tell ourselves “I will be safe in this family (the world) as long as I DON’T……”

Don’t exist
Don’t be you
Don’t be a child
Don’t grow up
Don’t make it
Don’t be important
Don’t belong
Don’t be close
Don’t be well
Don’t think
Don’t feel

Because injunctions are decisions we make about ourselves in childhood they can (with time and often therapy) be changed as an adult if they are causing negative effects in our lives.

Please get in touch for an appointment if you would like to change these negative messages in your life…